viernes, 18 de enero de 2013


We love the printed word or at least we try it, s o our first artwork using this, is inspired in Denise Fiedler’s illustrations.Denise Fiedler was an interior designer in Chicago and is focused on representing things she loves through cut paper.
Denise’s work highlights sets of objects—for example a line of chairs, animals, food, and fashion.
FIRST STEP:The 3rd grade pupils started their work drawing cats as they used to do.
SECOND STEP:was using the PDI ,we had several photos of different cats and they draw the different parts of the body of this animal.
THIRD STEP: Draw the parts of the cat on a piece of newspaper , they have to decide what was more suitable for the part of the body they wanted to draw ( this was the most difficult part). Her are some of the pieces of art of our little students.

Este es el primer collage que hacen los niños de 3º , está basado en los trabajos de Denise Fiedler que representa cosas cotidianas sobre la letra impresa.Nosotros hemos usado periódicos y papel en sucio. Nos faltan más obras que otro dia os presentaremos porque seguimos trabajando.

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